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Drawing die processing equipme


Automatic Ultrasonic Processing Machine
☆ Programming control
☆ Automatic needle grinding
☆ Automatic central
☆ Steady pressure monitoring
☆ Automatic processing
☆ Continuous processing
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Semi-automatic Ultrasonic Processing Machine
☆ Stable ultrasonic energy output
☆ High central stability
☆ Pneumatic lifting
☆ On line grinding needle
☆ Low frequency needle changed
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Automatic Teller Dies Machine
☆ Automatic storage and retrieval functions
☆ Automatic dies recognition technology
☆ Various retrieval control options
☆ Big data analysis
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Automatic Laser Marking Machine
☆ Automatic two-dimensional code laser engraving system ;
☆ Automatic double-sided laser engraving system.
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Semi-automatic Ultrasonic Shaping Machine
☆ High Power Integrated Amplifier Circuit
☆ Built with next generation piezoelectric ceramic transducer
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Ultrasonic Processing Machine
☆ New design mold pallet system
☆ Dust proof performance
☆ Sensitive pressure transducer
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Precision Wire Polishing Machine
Main Features
The driver system uses pulse width modulation technology; Ideally designed for processing fine size ;
Double pillar structure with better vertical adjusting capabilities;
A longer working stroke with high production;
Easy operation, low vibration and long term usage;
This universal machine is designed for shaping and polishing fine size diamond dies that made from nature diamond, synthetic diamond, industrial ceramics and tungsten carbide.
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Single Workstation Wire Polishing Machine
Double pillar structure
Double guide structure guanrantee better vibration straightness
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Ultrasonic Cleaner
☆ Stable ultrasonic energy output
☆ High energy conversion efficiency
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Automatic Cleaner
Automatic batch cleaning and drying mode
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Wire Shrinking Machine
Main Features
Built with three part speed gear; one machine that fits all diameters;
Easy operation, high production efficiency
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Welding Needle Machine
Main Features
Built with safety, efficiency and eco-friendly;
Easy operation.
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Needle Grinding Machine
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Die Inspecting Microscope
Main Features
Adjustable lighting;
Easy operation and maintenance;
This special microscope is designed for evaluation die surface and overall geometry profile.
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Wire Pullers
Main Features
Built with mechanical , knit structure, easy operation;
Built with emergency stop function, high production efficiency;
Easy for installation and maintenance;
This universal machine is designed for measuring the diameter of wire drawing dies.
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