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Beijing DMBEST Tool & Die Tech Co.,Ltd. (refer as DMBEST)is a leading supplier for wire drawing dies in global market. The company committed to utilize the latest technology and toward smart manufacturing provide integrated wire drawing solutions for wire drawing manufacturers.

Founded in 1982, by over 40 year in the industry, DMBEST has the volume to justify utilization of extremely proficient and highly automated equipment to produce wire drawing dies. The company recognizes as National High Tech Enterprise, Z-Park High Tech Enterprise, also serves as a leading member of China Die and Mold Association in wire drawing sector by drafting key industry standard and guiding long term industry growth. In 2018, DMBEST strategically established its subsidiary Shandong DMBEST Diamond Die Co., Ltd to continue expand its wire drawing dies manufacturing and service coverage based on geographic. Currently, the company holds many national patents, as fully assured by IS0:9001 and Safety Production Certificate. At DMBEST, we firmly believe that product continue to surpass, more efforts and resources will enable our product to achieve higher quality, thereby having greater market competitiveness.

Our Products and Services 

Drawing Dies

Precision Wire Drawing Dies,Tubing Dies,Shaving Dies,Stranding Dies,Shaped Dies,Insulating  paint Dies; 




Making Dies Machine




Wire Drawing Dies Manufacturing Equipment;
Fully automatic series:Ultrasonic die processing,Cleaning Machine,Laser marking equipment, Wire die inventory control equipment;
Semi automatic Series:Ultrasonic die processing equipment,Laser drilling equipment,Needle grinding equipment,Needle welding equipment;
Manual series:Ultrasonic die processing equipment,Cleaning equipment,Wire polishing equipment, Microscope, welding equipment;


Accessory Material die Making Dies

Steel Needle,Diamond Powder,Grinding Wheel;

Wire Drawing Dies Total Solution

DBMEST provides integrated wire drawing solutions according to clients specialty needs. 


ADD: No.5 Building,Huaxing Industrial Zone, No.2 Changsha Avenue, Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.


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